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We thoughtfully curate our marketplace by evaluating each product across 200+ sustainability and ethics categories, providing the transparency you need to shop according to your values.

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Browse and discover sustainable and ethical product alternatives  pre-vetted by the Better World team. Get personalized, on-brand product recommendations.

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Receive a complimentary comprehensive vetting evaluation, inclusion in our marketplace, and personalized matching to retailers.

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Why now?

We know that consumer demand for truly sustainable alternatives is up and skyrocketing, but 78% of people still don’t know how to identify them and greenwashing is rampant.

Every product that we feature is evaluated by Better World's Eco-Vetting team on over 200+ categories across People and Planet. We look at Customer Stewardship, Corporate Impact, Climate Impact, Ingredients, Packaging, and Labor for each of our sustainable brands so you know you are buying products that are better for the planet, you, and your customers.